Fair & Square?

Job seekers have become very picky, and they’re right. The recruiters…. Oh! Let’s first welcome our dear readers and friends from everywhere. Thank you for the US, India, and Qatar 😉

What we see nowadays in our work marketplace is a new phenomenon where the job-seekers more educated when it comes to how to choose a new employer. With the help of many online resources, you can now read all these kinds of reviews about banks, retail stores, fast-food employers, and others.

It is fascinating how easy it is now to see how terribly bad some employers are and phow prospective employees intentionally evade applying for these bad employers, to the extent that it constitutes a problem for in-house recruiters.

A number of large companies deal unfairly with their employees, which resulted in resignation of many who felt injustice, and who decided to seek other employers or to start their own small businesses.

Some employers give hard time for job-seekers asking them to go through a ton of exams, in addition to their degrees, which have to be more than 4 years of higher education, and other kinds of endless tests. Although they are in need of employees, but they still intentionally make it harder than it should be, while training will take place after getting the job.

You see how ridiculous this is, when “an employer!?” is asking you to invest some time in taking tests or surveys, then they compile these materials and publish it somewhere making money out of your own time. The following is a recent example that we received:

–You will have to do:
–Pre-qualifying quiz.
–Reading assignments and quizzes on their content.
–Proofing two complete calls with associated scoring and coaching on your results.

One company had more than three interviews for a job that can be done by a middle school student. It’s totally absurd. In addition, when the manager appeared for the interview, he was late and unprepared, which reflected a terrible image about the company, giving a wrong impression, while s/he should be a model for that prospective employee who took the time and spent money in order to attend that meeting,  assuming that s/he would be getting a fair and square interview.

In brief, there has been a lot of exploitation on the part of some employers, but the job-seekers have become very aware of what is going on via TV and internet, which is giving hard time to a number of recruiters. Reading online reviews are definitely a good way to decide whether to apply or not to a specific employer.

Until we talk again about one of our new Super Stars, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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