Paul: Georgia SuperStar

Hello friends and visitors. You’re welcome here any time! What is “Hokey-Pokey”? First thank you for the US, Thailand, and Serbia 😉

Hello Paul,
Welcome to our group.
Would you be interested in having an interview with 7000 SuperStars?
Paul G. Smith  Paul G. Smith
I am looking at the site now
Paul G. Smith
Yes, this sounds acceptable. My only reservation is that I do not want to inadvertently violate any trademarks of Zumba fitness, llc. I will inquire with my master trainer, and get back to you. MAY 19TH, 8:19PM
S: You’re not going to talk about Zumba. Are you a Zumba instructor? You’re going to talk about any topic. But it’s OK, you can consult whoever you want, for sure 󰀀
Paul G. Smith sent you an invite to join Messenger.
Paul G. Smith
Are you are still interested in an interview?
S: Sure, are you ready?
Paul G. Smith
S: Where are you located?
Paul G. Smith
I am in Decatur, Ga. I will be in San Francisco next Saturday.
– What do you do for living?
– Did you have a chance to read any of our posts?
Paul G. Smith
I am a full time student at Atlanta School of Massage.
I read some posts.
– Which topic you liked?
So you are not working yet?
Paul G. Smith
I like how Zumba fitness brings together people from all walks of life into groups with healthy lifestyle goals.
Are you visiting someone in SF?
– Which topic was that? What was its title?
Paul G. Smith
 I am in a career transition. I am taking time to learn something that interests me.
– Do you mean that you had a career before going to this school?
Paul G. Smith
I have a five hour layover in SF. I am going to visit a woman that I met on the Zumba cruise this year.
I have not looked at the site since we last spoke. I am speaking my heart and being honest.
I have had many careers.
Many people have several careers before they know exactly what fits them the most. So you’re not the first one. What were your previous ones?
Paul G. Smith
Dental equipment repair technician, Tax examiner, Plumber, Caregiver are some career-type jobs I have held.
The other day, I hear an eye specialist saying that she had more than 30 jobs in 3 years, can you imagine this?
Compared to her, you didn’t get to that level yet, haha!
Paul G. Smith
Yes, she must be a mother.
Tax-examination requires accounting background or what?
Paul, do you understand and agree that everything we say here to be published to our readers in, right?
Just want that to be clear for you.
Paul G. Smith
No, I can sent the kids home about the time the cuteness wears off. Mothers do a lot: taxi driver, chef, maid, teacher, nurse, therapist, assistant, etc.
– What is your dream?
– Where do you see yourself in five years?
Paul G. Smith
The IRS tax examiner was a seasonal job. At the time they promoted people with 4 hours of accounting credits. Classroom training was the requirement.
Next year I am finishing up a five year plan that I started in March 2013.
– Did you start work before or after high school?
Paul G. Smith
My dream is evolving.
Wow! – What was it, if you like to share it with us?
“Evolving” I think is a very wide word, how would you define it in our context?
Paul G. Smith
 I took jobs in high school. One being at Dale Carnegie of Georgia.
Business School?
We can continue tomorrow if possible, and pls send one main photo, and few others for the body of your article.
Paul G. Smith
In 2013 I spent a week or so in Emory University Hospital. While laying in the bed in ICU, I could no longer lie to myself. I made a plan to get myself in better shape, find a nice woman to marry, get a bachelors degree, reinstate my plumbing license as a backup plan, find a better career, find a church, and save a down payment for a home.
Also, try to be active on our group: 1ZumbaCircles, so by the time we publish your post after editing, of course, it would gain many likes.


Paul G. Smith
Talk to you later. Bye
How’s your finals?
I hope you did great!
If you are done, let’s continue our interview!
– What’s your favorite color?
Paul G. Smith
Right now it’s a bright shade of yellow.
So by that you mean it is changeable with your mood, or that it is rather related to your life maturity, or something else?
Paul G. Smith
Yes, it changes with mood. I can’t get locked into one since some password resets are based on that question.
What do you mean? Some password resets….Pls kindly explain this point. It sounds like very interesting thing to know. Thnx
– What is the most important thing for you in life? – How do you see yourself in 3 yrs from now?
Shall we continue so we can publish this sooon?! 😜
Paul G. Smith
If you forget your password on some websites, you can answer security questions to reset it. Now simple questions such as where did you grow up can be used to hijack accounts.
Oh! So asking about color preference is one of these question?
I never had one like that, but they usually ask what is your favorite food, who is your best friend? Where’s you dad born? etc..
Back to our questions then:
– What is the most important thing for you in life? – How do you see yourself in 3 yrs from now?
Paul G. Smith
Love is very important, besides water, food, shelter, warmth, etc.
Forgive my abrupt manner. I have been traveling over 28 hours.
That’s absolutely fine. I hope you’re not tired.
– Is this going to be our main photo for your article?
– We will need at least two more pls.
– Back to your 2013 plan, which part was accomplished, and which was not? Why?

Paul G. Smith
Yes. The 2013 plan was severely sabotaged and I allowed myself to put off things in order to satisfy others. L Getting in shape and controlling diabetes was my largest initial goal. Despite setbacks, I have lost 20 pounds total while gaining leg and core musculature. My waist is the same size now that I was wearing in 8th grade.
Wow! This is impressive. So what kind of diet did you use? And did you use it only to control diabetes, or you wanted to be in good shape too?
Paul G. Smith
 I have type1 diabetes so I must take insulin regardless.
I stopped eating too much in one sitting. I have stopped cheese, diet sodas, and fried foods. I like pizza too much, so I rarely get it so I don’t eat too much. I have no hard rules. I make small changes over time that I can continue for a lifetime.
It is about substitutions and awareness. Light balsamic vinaigrette dressing instead of honey mustard, etc. It all adds up.
I am always learning and willing to try new approaches rather than buying into dieting fads. Diets work until you go back to the old ways of eating.
I want to be in good health more than having a perfect body. Looks are important, but a healthier life is my goal.
Paul G. Smith
Exercise: For years I warmed up on an elliptical and then lifted for upper body mass. I needed to add more variety of functional physical activity to my routine for a better outcome.
Focusing on improving my health habits became most important, because I would 

need to survive to be able to work on all the other goals on the list.
I know how hard it must have been to follow certain eating habits. You are a hero!
Is there any other photos that you would like to add?
Paul G. Smith
You can certainly pull some photos from my Facebook page. 
What advice you want to give to youth?
Paul G. Smith
For Youth: Be honest with people. Sometimes we accidentally tell lies to make things look better, test the gullibiity of others or to stay out of trouble. Sometimes when we are speaking to others a lie pops out of our mouth without even meaning it. When you lie always go back and tell the truth. A simple way to say it is, “I told you ______. I don’t know why I said that. The truth is ________.” People will forgive you instantly, and appreciate you for telling them. No one likes being lied to. It is disrespectful and insults their intellegence. Good decisions based on lies can turn out to be very bad decisions. Just be honest.

SUN 1:41PM

Paul G. Smith

Thank you so much. This has been wonderful answers. And nice photos too. Once it is ready as I told you, I’ll send you the link.
That was our new 7000 SuperStars who is one of our very active members on FB, with our group “1ZumbaCircles”. We would like to thank Paul for his answers and photos, and sharing all of his experiences with all of us.

Let’s chat some more about new phenomenal matter. What do you think? We’ll be back in few moments. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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