Two-tips swords are quite rare! 😉 Welcome back Welcome back dearest wonderful friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Turkey, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, India, Qatar, Norway, Romania, Hong Kong; and  our new friends from Latvia, Honduras, Ukraine, and all! 😉

Do you enjoy the water? Do you enjoy the pool? Do you like swimming?

Some people like to swim but they can’t. They weren’t taught how to swim when they were young, and they grew up just doing what they could when in a swimming pool situation.SophieConcordSixFlags

It will be a delightful weather this weekend, encouraging to spend some time in the pool since there is still many schools are many workplaces that are not open yet, and it is going to be triple digits degree in temperature.

Just try to be careful. Of course it is hard to have a mask in the pool or around the pool but may be distancing can be applicable

Until we chat again, share with us your experience in the pool. It will be great family time full of fun with our hugs and kisses

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