Beach Time!

To your heart, no matter what, your kids are the most beloved ones! You can do nothing about it! 😉 It’s great to hear from you, friends from the US, New Zealand, the UK, India, Serbia, Australia, Brazil, Algeria, and Ireland 😉

If  in Alameda, it’s worth a visit!

On that beach, the openness and lack of a crowd can make it feel calm and serene. The views have a lot to do with it too. The SF skyline is beautiful on a clear day and a perfect backdrop for you to stroll down the beach.

A popular place in the summer but still possible to really enjoy on a good day in the winter. It is across from the Japanese restaurant and McDonalds and the South Shore Shopping Center and goes way down. 

Parking is limited on the streets and on a summer day you might have to park a bit away… sort of a hassle if you’ve got an ice chest and a few kids or whatnot. I guess you could park in South Shore but you are not supposed to. Please don’t write me with a sob story about how your car got ticketed or towed…. I’m not recommending you park there.

You would hear and read too many different opinions about that beach, which is sometimes not understandable. How people could be that versatile in their evaluation of the same beach. Well! For sure each one of them had his/her own experience on the day they were there.

I saw it myself, someone was looking for golden pieces on that beach having that special device in one hand and another one on the left hand, and he was acting as if combing the sand of that beach, walking slowly even among the people who were laying there for a picnic. I think this was a shot of him:


This is for me close to home. Probably not a destination if you live too far away… but if you combine it with bar hopping on Park Street or visiting friends in Oakland it would be a great day and perfect alternative to hanging at Lake Merritt.

For some, it is their nearest option. It could be not your favorite beach, but it definitely does the job when you wants a getaway to a beautiful beach. 

The only thing that I don’t like is that beach there’s so many sticks everywhere which is kind of ugly. Yes, it’s a beach. I understand that, but the amount of sticks on the beach is kind of ridiculous. I feel like people should do community service to pick them up. Ugh, the trash too! I can understand why there’s so much trash on the beach.. The trash cans are full.. Who is supposed to clean that?

If there were less sticks on the sand, man.. This would be the beach I look forward to coming to on hot summer days. It’s nice though, don’t get me wrong! I like it and it’s only about 15 minutes from me, but little tweaks would make this a very very popular beach! Not sure if it already is or isn’t, but nothing wrong with more improvement. 

Another cool thing is there’s a shopping center right across from it and a U.S. Postal office. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King and so many more options. Check out the Alameda beach sometime! Fly a kite or something.

I really like this beach! It’s not as clean but I like the fact that it’s warm and no big waves. It’s shallow at times which makes it great for my young children who don’t know how to swim. 

Arriving at the beach, lots of parking on the street and the beach stretches on and on. You may enjoy how wide the beach is. There is so much beach space that you don’t have to really be next to others. You can also see the city and Bay Bridge from the beach too!20171008_162822

Something that really irked me here was that some people had the nerve to comment I was sun bathing and in my swimming suit? Um excuse me? There are kids running around in their bathing suits and I’m judged for wearing a bathing suit while sun bathing?

Please mind your business at this beach unless: 1) I’m breaking any rules or being inconsiderate 2) I’m not cleaning up after myself  😦

20171008_162821For the most part, people mind their business and it’s very family oriented. There wasn’t noticeable garbage and also bathrooms, though they may be smelly. This small beach has a great view of San Francisco on a clear day but it’s not for dogs. Dogs are not allowed, and that is good thing, coz there are babies and little kids. You should only go there on a nice weekday when there’s better parking availability.

Thanks for being here, and may be one day you can try that beach, and figure out which reviews were more accurate than the others.

Stay warm and enjoy our posts as usual. Send your questions and comments, we like to hear your voice, and until we chat again, here’s our hugs and kisses


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