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Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Brazil, New Zealand, the UK, India, Israel, and China! ūüėČ

Corruption is everywhere, even to buy an escape of death penalty!! But this is not our topic for today. Where? In California!

Watching a movie or two might balance your mind a little bit for all the current events that are going on.

A small group of neighbors and family got together sitting in front of a large screen and Netflix was the host, as many other Californians do.

Two movies we watched but not on the same day (:)) : one is called “Doubt” and the other was called “Wakefield”.

The first one was about a priest in a church school accused of being¬†at comfort with one black young student.¬†There was a number of question marks around the way he behaved with¬†that young man, whom mother didn’t deny his irregular nature.

We were all surprised that

took those roles. They were well-played and nominated for Academy award.

The second movie was about a well-off husband who out of the nowhere decided to abandon his wife, life, and two girls for just an abrupt idea in his own mind. The ending was not an end but was rather a question for you to figure out what would happen after he went back home.

The first movie is a repeated idea with nothing new except the actors. The 2nd one is new, boring at many moments, but it gives you a chance to explore how your mind is working 24/7 nonstop with sometimes none-sense that can takes you away from the whole life you live. And more with all those stars:

May be The first movie is not a family movie but the second definitely is.¬†Time to reduce taxes in California!‚ÄĚ Trump tweeted.


Plenty of things going on, sadly people were killed in NZ by a maniac. Sadly, there is still humans who can not have impartial standing and just live within their own limited circle.

May the Creator heal those people and have them see that the human souls are the only irreplaceable power on Earth and that we need to preserve them as long as we can.

Remember to check on your latest important topics, get your inspiration, and be happy with our hugs and kisses ‚̧Image result for Wakefield movie





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