CA Reform!

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John G. and B. Stanley asked about SS, race, and ethnicity questions: Two important questions that I think we addresses before, but since we’re still asked the same questions, it means that nobody took an action yet to prevent it or to reform what is going on. This is in California specifically, we’re not aware if this takes place somewhere else or not.

1- Why are you required to provide your SS number to every single place you apply for, if it is supposed to be confidential. Isn’t it obvious that the chances are high to have it go astray to a hand that will mishandle it?
If you have any suggested solution for the first question pls email us and we will publish it as is. Thanks

2- Every party in the US talks about equality, why do you have to provide a classification for your race or/and your ethnicity?Related imageIn education sector specifically, for teachers, admins, parents, and students they are asked :
.Are you from a Hispanic origin? Yes         No
. Is this to serve the interests of a foreign country?
(Do Hispanic have a special treatment? Some claimed that Yes they do have favoritism in some districts)
. Is this legal?
. Is this in conformity with the US Citizens freedom and equality principles?
. Is this a harassment for your US citizens?Coltorti Boutique

Is there corruption in the Education Sector in California?

Reform is required for all the wrong policies that is prevailing the education department in CA. If it was the same case in other states, it would need a reform as well.

Until we chat again dearest friends, catch up with what you’ve missed from these posts, fly with our unique context getting your own brand new ideas, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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