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Well! They are called idiots, are they? Sadly, the whole world is accusing the US Republicans of being idiots.

Wise people, not belonging to any party, harshly criticized the Republicans for not supporting their own representative- their own President. They said it didn’t make any sense. Of course, this did not go for all of them, coz the majority were behind the President, but it was expected to be a 100% backing up.National Republican Coalition for Choice Demonstration

What did they say?

One source called them:

Republican Idiots

This started as a political blog abou

Iranians called the Republicans:

“first-class idiots” are in charge of making U.S. 


Opinion: These idiots must think we’re as idiotic as they are

Ed Markey, the Democrat junior senator from Massachusetts, is an idiot. He keeps sending emails to California people he calls his “team,” claiming he can save the planet. He also is a Trump hater, who wants to do all he can to stop the president from building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep uninvited visitors out of the country.

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Equality ActLately, the left party has become a party for Mosslems instead of Jewish, which is OK, no problems in that: probably Mosslems will act more in favor of Trump, since he embraced all religion acceptance policy.

Millions of criticism for the division of that supposedly wise party-GOP, who lost their minds/tactics:

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day

The Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day:

Your daily dose of GOP conservatives showing how their party has lost their collective minds.

      imageQatar Airways

Image result for trumpSo what is going on? Why are the Republicans taking that passive path, letting down their leader? Unfortunately, a lot of grudges. For some grudges never die. Maria and Nico argued that envy, malice, grudges, past encounters in business with the President, or hypnotized by media misrepresentation might be the main reason that many Republicans are incapable of seeing the real man behind that thick given image.

Regrettably, the US people will pay the price for their idiotic stand. If you had the least brains, try to overcome your negativity and focus on securing living for people, regardless of anything else!

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