With a “Super Blue Blood Moon”, what more you would wish for? 😉 Welcome back our dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, India, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Nigeria 😉

It’s impossible for a real mother to be selfish. She can’t and she couldn’t be one! And yes, there are selfish mothers. You cannot deny that they exist. Selfish mothers are humans like any other. 


There’s always “but” friends, right? So “but” here would be for the purpose of saying: But you cannot generalize!

When a mother lives all her life for her kids or for the service of her kids, she can’t be called selfish mother. When a mother gives her kids all her life, her youth, her support, her help, and her money, you can’t say that she was selfish. When her kids grew up and accused her of being selfish, it’s unfair!

You may say that she is a hero, would you say that if your mom gave you unconditional love and support?

Many messages we received from mothers. I remember that we talked in a number of our posts about mothers. May be I told you about my own mother in one or two too. 

Your story was a bit different though. You went to the beach, having your kids while their dad was absent, absent from your life and your kids’ lives. They were young as you said, and at that time, your love to them made you capable of doing anything that would make them happy. You took that trip to give them a good time on one of the beaches.

They were playing on the sand, building small homes and crocodiles, and birds with the sand after they mix it with sea water. You could see how happy they were. You didn’t care except for seeing that smile on their faces. SophieBeach

Your older daughter was using a rubber floating swimming ring, and it was drawn away by the waves, or it was the tide grabbing that ring fast away from the shore where you sat with your small family. You had at that time a baby, a three years old girl, and your older daughter who was seven years old approximately.

“Can you bring the ring?” you said. Your daughter was so nice got to the water to bring the ring, but she continued swimming after the ring which went deeper away from the beach, and all of a sudden, you turned around you saw your daughter’s head looked like a pin head. You thought OMG! She would drown! You couldn’t leave your two babies. You asked for help from other people on the Beach and the beach Guard. They took a quick-style rubber boat with a motor and chased your little girl, who was a swimming champion, who didn’t recognize how dangerous the situation was. She was only a kid trying to get the ring back. Nothing else was in her innocent mind.

Thank God your daughter was saved and survived but you still have that nightmare, as if it was yesterday. After more than twenty years you think that it was a huge mistake to ask your daughter to get the ring, although at the time you asked her to do that the ring was on the shallow water of the beach. 

You’re asking our opinion, but we ask you, friends, to answer that mother this time. Tell her if she did anything wrong. Let her have back her peace of mind.

Until we chat again about your classroom wall colors, just keep checking on our topics, it is guaranteed that you’d be inspired with our hugs and kisses



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