Your Mother’s Day!

Always, it’s a mother who is behind your birth, but let’s first welcome our people from everywhere: the US, India, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates Nepal, Uganda, n Poland then go back to our topic 😉

A mother! Yes, it’s a mother who brought you naked to this world! 

Whether she made it or not, this is what you forget about right after your birth. One thing you should keep in mind, if you’re less loyal to your mom, nobody would ever trust you. Think about it 🙄

Why do you forget about it? Because if she didn’t make it through giphydelivery, she would be dead for you since the first second you come to your world. Your family may mention her name from time to time, but it’s not exactly the same had she been alive living with you.

If your mom made it after giving birth to you, you’d be one of the happiest born babies coz she’ d devote herself to your happiness. But, if she decided for any reason to leave or abandon you, that would mean there was something wrong. “What it is” is not our subject for today.sophieChannel

The good mother as our culture and traditions dictate on us, is the one who would take the best care possible of her youngsters, feeding, carrying, bathing, calming down, easing pains, dealing with any accidents, securing and most importantly protecting them. She is everything to her baby for the first three years or more.

SophieInterestYou are lucky if your mom made it through your birth: you’ll be having the ultimate love that nobody else is capable of giving you!

You would be the luckiest if she didn’t get pregnant again right after you of course, haha!

It’s Mother’s Day, as we all know. Some remember their moms all the time, whether young or adults, in Mother’s Day or in any other day. Some do not. Some are not good to their moms pretending that she didn’t do anything more than what any other mom would do to her kids, so it’s not such a big deal. Is this what you’re thinking? Really?

All right, let’s pretend that you’re carrying a bag day and night for one month, not two, three, seven, or nine. Would you feel the endurance that SophieVideo2019you need to continue doing this for four consecutive days?

I mean, come one guys, let’s speak the truth here. It is extremely difficult to carry a baby in your belly for 9 months. Then to go through all that pain to give birth for a tiny little baby who cries more than doing anything else. You wouldn’t sleep well, and you wouldn’t manage your life except around that tiny baby-body.

For the following 3 to 5 yrs, you’d always have your baby’s priorities ahead of yours.

Is this tough enough for you to realize how your mom was a real hero. Give her back some of this unconditioned love she gave you in silence, without complaints. Give her your attention, your love, your hugs & kisses.

In case she passed away, let your kids have a good memory of her. Talk to them about their grandma, and how wonderful she was carrying you for such a long time.

For all moms on Earth, here’s our love, hugs, & kisses sophieChannel Qatar AirwaysWorthy

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