Sorry, My Mom!

Our energy needs are built on a daily basis, why? 😉 Thank you the US, India, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Hungary, Lithuania, China Denmark, Qatar, Japan, Faroe Islands, Austria, Angola, Kenya, Germany, Turkey, Paraguay, and Australia 😉

I was at my physician, when while looking at the walls of that small room, and the equipment it had, and while, in the meantime, I was waiting for my provider, as the nurse called my doctor, I remembered my mom!

Remembering my mom took me to a certain incident that happened when I was young, probably teenager. That day I went out with my mom, browsing the windows of the stores in one of the big malls, looking for a pair of shoes for my mom. It was Brooch-SophieMother’s Day, and I used to go out with my mom, to choose my gift for her, and she would pay for whatever I choose.

So excited, as usual on such days, I choose a pair of white shoes and a white purse. They were the most beautiful match in the whole world for me at that time. We walked out of the store. My mom carried one bag, and I held the other. 

At one of the best peak moments of my self celebration, by selecting those items for my mom, I was in a hurry to go home, may be just for the sake of showing my dad what I chose for my mom, and to have her try them on. My mom wanted to look at one of the store’s windows, but I grabbed her hand, in an insisting way.

Something my mom stepped on and she pushed it slightly away from our way. We paid no attention at all to that thing. We went back straight home celebrating Mother’s Day, which was very special day for us in our family. 

Brooch-SophieUnfortunately, that celebration was turned to some unpleasant happening when my mom discovered that her brooch got lost, and that she pushed it away to the side from our way when I was in a hurry. It was one of her special ornaments. It was a gold British pound was specially ordered with a gold frame, and I never saw one like it in my whole life. It was a present from my dad to her, and that was why it was so dear to her.

At that time, I didn’t know the meaning of any of that. For me, a brooch was like a toy that I was playing with. I didn’t know the monetary value for that piece of gold, which was so expensive in value and in sentiment.

Kids do not understand many concepts until they grow up to a certain age as you all know, and then they would start understanding what it means in reality, coz you can repeat words after your mom or your dad, but you don’t really understand the meaning of them until later in life.

All that came to me from the no-where while waiting for my physician. I decided at that moment to write a post about that. Then I thought my mom was no longer here, and I didn’t know if she was watching or not, so what was the point? I asked myself about it many times, but it kept coming and coming.

Today I thought I should say sorry to my mom. I didn’t mean to expedite her or to make her kick that brooch away with her feet, to please me and accommodate my needs of joy. I still felt some guilt nevertheless so I must have done something that caused all of that to happen. May be it was one of those incidents that were waiting to happen, but the look in the eyes of my mom, as if saying: “you were the reason for losing that dear brooch” made me felt responsible in part.

If I was, I like to say sorry my mom! I loved you and I never wished to see you experience any kind of unhappiness. I guess my understanding was so young.

Thank you for being here dear friends. Sharing this occurrence with all of you means a lot. We hope that you can share something with us too.

Until we talk more about funny and fun stories, keep browsing and having your inspiration to its utmost and best moments with our hugs and kisses


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