Hallo Ween!?

It’s your time! Get it out there! “You’re made of iron”, is this what you think? Got it? 😉 Welcome and big thanks for the US, India, Mongolia, Philippines, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, and the UK 😉

. Another day! What should we do?

. Why don’t we just take it easy and stay in bed for a change this Sunday?

. Coz we need to go out and discover new things or probably meet with new faces.

. Why?

. It’s just in our blood. It’s energy we need to utilize and use for the best possible reasons.

. What if we..

. Just cut it off and go get ready to smell our fresh air, out there among the trees and the birds. 

. Halloween is coming soon, what are you going to wear this year?

. I thiink I’m gonna be a pilot.

Related image. Ouch! Hmm. So it’s gonna be a pilot suit, like the one in “Catch me if you can”?

. Haha! Well probably rather the suit in “…

. Yes, such a great idea, sis!

. Do you know I haven’t seen that movie “Amelia” 2009, but I will. It’s a true story for a good-example female.

Halloween-Sophie. I’m thinking of being in a diving outfit or a sailor, what do you think?

. Super fantastic, you’d look so cute but where are you going to?

. I’ll go with my friends to the down-town Halloween Party, it’s gonna be huge!

. Yes, it’s getting more attention a year after year competing with Thanksgiving and Christmas prep time.

. Have you seen this photo in one of the local magazines?

. Wow! No, it’s totally new, what a shot. I liked two pictures only so far this year, and I’ll share’m with you.

. K, I have to go, see you later, sis!

Let’s share our nice pictures like Laura and her bro, Seth. Be ready for celebrating everything you can. Have your positive vibes as long as you can. You’d attract nice things around you. Give it a try and see if we’re right.

Until we talk again, get ready for Halloween if this is something that can give you some good times, if not, just continue to flicking on our pages to find your right energizer with our hugs and kisses

. AliveEastBay

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