Spooky-Wall Box!

Appearances might be deceiving! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers. Thank you the US, New Zealand, India, Lithuania, Russia, Philippines, Canada, Spain, Greece, and Italy. 😉

There was a girl who likes everything around her to be very clean. She couldn’t stand any tiny spot here or there. Her mom used to tell her if she was meticulous in tidy up her room, the angels would send her a dollar because they reward the people who like cleanliness.

Ehla – the little girl- believed what her mom said, and everyday before starting her day, she had to make sure that everything in its place: her toys are back to their shelves, her books are back to the bookshelves, and her clothes inside her closet hanging up on their hangers.

When she comes back from school, and after doing her homework, while laying down in her bed, and right after the sunset, a wall comes up from the ceiling carrying a certain picture. The color of that wall was a bit dark yellow or a certain degree of yellow, while the pictures had figurines for men and ladies, or girls and boys doing things.Spooky Wall-Sophie

A woman would jump out of that wall dancing in the air, and by the end of her dance, she would drop a dollar bill to Ehla, who would think that it was not real, until her tiny hands touch that bill. The following day if she did organize and make sure that everything was clean before sunset, the same exact thing would happen again and Ehla would gain one more dollar from that enchanted wall.

That was crazy! Ehla didn’t know if she should tell her mom about what was going on or not. But she had to talk to her mom about it, or else her mom wouldn’t know where that money was coming from.

Ehla asked her friend, Tiny, if she should tell her mom about that . Tiny did not believe what Ehla was saying to her. She thought that Ehla was playing a game with her. Tiny thought for a moment and then told Ehla that she should, because they were young and adults knew things that children wouldn’t know yet.

Ehla was in doubt to tell her mom not because she wanted to keep a secret from her mom; but rather because she thought that her mom would not believe her. She went home that day busy-minded about whether or not she should tell her mom, before sunset or after sunset.

Ehla’s mom noticed that her daughter was not acting the way she normally did, and she got worried about her. When she asked Ehla if something went wrong in school, Ehla said no there wasn’t anything wrong, but that there was a secret that she wanted to tell. The mom listened to everything Ehla said about the spooky wall as Ehla called it. Afterwards, she went with Ehla to her room to see the spooky wall or the enchanted wall. They waited and waited for hours, and nothing came down from the ceiling.

Ehla was so sad because her mom would have doubts about her saying anything else, and, in the meantime, she lost her one dollar that she used to get everyday. Suddenly, she remembered that she had her box under the bed where she kept all the bills together. She ran to her under-the-bed spot and reached down to her blue and orange box, screaming: “here’s my proof my mom”!Sooky wall-Sophie

She opened the box and showed her mom all the bills. The mother was surprised to see all that money there in that little box. She knew that she didn’t give Ehla any money coz she was so young to handle it yet. She only gave her her lunch box every time she goes to school.

Well! You better tell me how you got all that money, little princess!” Ehla looked at her mom and said: “I’ve just told you my secret”, and I thought you wouldn’t believe me, but Tiny told me that I should tell you. Now, after seeing my proof, you didn’t believe me, what do you want me to do?”

The mom said: “I’ll give you another chance to tell me the truth.” The girl said: “I am telling the truth, but..” Ehla remembered that she didn’t actually tidy up her room. Among the whole hesitation of to tell or not to tell her mom about her spooky wall, she forgot to organize anything in her room that day.

Ok, mom. Tomorrow I will have a plan to let you see how I got all that money being clean and tidy with my room. The mother smiled and agreed to that suggestion. The following day, Ehla did everything the way she used to do before giving her secret away to her friends Tiny, and guess what? Before sunset, she asked her mom to come and lay down with her in her bed.

When the mother did what Ehla asked her to do, she watched the most amazing occurrence happening right in front of her eyes. She saw a wall coming down from the ceiling all the way down to the floor as if a big screed coming down from the nowhere with that special painting of tiny men and women.

They danced and sang. Then by the end, one flew out of that picture to throw a dollar bill at them while they were both mesmerized by that big astonishment.

From that day on, Ehla never kept any secret from her mom again. Anything happened to her, she would tell her mom right away about it without any fear or hesitation. The mother, too, from that day on, never doubted Ehla in anything she said.

Over the years, they gained a lot of money while keeping their secret for themselves, but did we know more about where that wall came from?!

Well! It’s Halloween time, and we have plenty of spooky stories, this one for you to narrate for your own kids, may be your kids can get a smile out of it!

Until we talk again, here’s our hugs and kisses


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