Nov/Dec 2019 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2019 Bookmarks?!   [Nov7th2019] To Veterans! Something! Yep! Invalid! Question, Masterminds! Happy Thanks! What’s The Point? Loan Tactics! Calendars’ Times! Calendars’ Analysis! 2020 CRAZY CALENDAR! 2020 Calendar Drunkard Affairs! Lights Countdown! Holiday Estrangement! Life Secrets! On Christmas Night! Bart Night! Bart Night²! Happy Countdown 2020! Your Go Time! ♥ Welcome back friends from the US, … More Nov/Dec 2019 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2018 No.1?! From Netherlands & Thailand! Your Food! Movie 27! Trip Time? Comments! Insecure? Prayer & Shy! Prayers & Discipline! Who Pays What? Greet Veterans! List Alphabetically² Have Fun! Ready for Your Picture? May Be Fun! Explored Colors! Explore Colors! 7000 SuperStars! You’re Next! Movies’ Sickness! Happened in Apt.4C??! Eyelids! Your Eyelids! Wow! Borders … More Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2018 ASAP! The Academy! 1Zumba Disney! 4th Happy! Loud! Crush it! What Should You Do? Laugh! A Vacation? Everyday! 1Zumba Boom! Over-The-Phone, 1Zumba! A Letter? A Paradox? 1Zumba + / – Managers! Empower! Empower²! Managers, Lead! Cocktail? Arrested Psychologists? Fresh! Potion for Wings? Extend Your Lifespan! Natural Nails! Your Ideas! Dancing Fitness! Explore! Retail! … More Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!

Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2018 Water! Accent Again? Onions’ Weight Loss! Roasted Veg. Weekend-Special? True Beauty! Secrets! Ah! My 1Zumba! (Update) A Case against Gas Prices! Your Life Matters! Strategic vs. Tactical Ultimate Options! You! Lady G! Fear! Tips! Money Tricks! Students’ Power! Eyes! Your Crossword & Technology! Poogweese! Pilot Meals! Diamonds vs. Gold? Movies’ Ups! Others! Evil Cinderella? … More Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Happy 2018!

As one of your best years, just embrace it! 😉 Dear friends from everywhere: Wishing you all the best year ever in 2018! 😉 You know what to do until we talk again, with our love and kisses ❤

Find People!

We miss you, where are you? Keep going!  It’s all there, just feel your steps while you’re getting into the path of time 😉 Thanks and welcome dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Slovakia, and France 😉 Look young man & young lady! It’s holidays’ time and you’ve got to try to make other … More Find People!

Losing Weight!

When you’re doubting yourself, asking “What am I doing here?”, it’s clear that you’re in the wrong place! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, Spain, and India 😉 You asked me how to lose weight, and we know that you must have tried many diets, and searched many resources, and that … More Losing Weight!

Spooky-Wall Box!

Appearances might be deceiving! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers. Thank you the US, New Zealand, India, Lithuania, Russia, Philippines, Canada, Spain, Greece, and Italy. 😉 There was a girl who likes everything around her to be very clean. She couldn’t stand any tiny spot here or there. Her mom used to tell her … More Spooky-Wall Box!