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Long-term relations must be built on solid grounds: TRUST. You care for her/him/us so your spontaneous response for any related gossiping would be rejection, refusal, and giving the right loving image instead.

Friends! No matter how difficult this is, you need to handle it the best way possible; aotherwise, you wouldn’t be a true friend. Give yourself no excuses. If it came to your brain false justification like “I can’t do anything I need to belong to the group”, just shut it off. Gossips are your worst enemy. Focus on your productivity.

Take the chance of having a New Year in your life, and start doing the right things. Take an oath with yourself that you’d be that new guy whom you always dreamed of- the good guy. Doing your best is a great starting point, but continue improving. We are all humans. 

Why Gossiping? Here are few reasons.

Barbara told Stuart that she would fly the first day of the year 2018 to British Columbia in Canada coz she wanted to see the hot springs there, and enjoy it with a friend.

Stuart while going to his office was stopped by Allen and asked him about what Barbara was telling him. Stuart said that she was having a trip to Canada with her new boyfriend, and probably they would end up living in Canada forever, since they both liked the hot springs there.


Allen ran to Brenda’s office whispering in her ears that Barbara was planning to move to Canada soon and that they needed to plan for a new replacement. Brenda called Albert, the HR manager, over the phone giving him a brief about the office news.

Albert talked to his assistant to prepare an ad for new position in their firm to be ready if Barbara resigned or never come back again. Barbara was shocked when Amy called her giving Congrats. for her decision of moving to BC. OMG!

Gossiping is terrible although profitable in few fields such as media, business, movies, or others. For media, when a movie is promoted, there is a plan to reach the ultimate gains possible. Promotional campaigns including gossiping tools are seriously considered in order to reach up to that goal. Millions of dollars are spent in these campaigns similar to election ones.

Some simple privacy rules are penetrated for the sake of fulfillment. It is considered a huge success when the movie gets to the highest possible revenue, even if ethical privacy rules were forgotten and some actors were affected in their personal lives from that.

Then how to avoid being part of the gossiping community if really disapprove of Image result for gossipsuch a bad habit? There are many tricks and methods that can help you to do that.

Other ways may involve this.

Strong relationships are built on trust. When there is trust, there is a real valuable relationship, and when there isn’t, it’s a fake cheap relationship, one which is not worthy to be nurtured.

Not only that, but also the way you would see yourself and respect yourself would be affected if you became part of gossiping. It is nothing related to higher society as you may imagine. It has nothing to do with classy people. On the contrary, the higher in class you are, the more careful for fine people you would be. 

When you are a source of gossiping, you’d lose others’ respect, even if you don’t see it, it would be there, coz it is not a higher virtue to be part of evil unless you are in that business for promotional purposes 🙂

Until we talk again, cheer up and consider all the words in our topics always with our hugs and kisses ❤

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