Movies’ Night!

When you raise your eyes towards your external sphere, thinking of what you wish for, that is where there is a chance for having it granted on time! 😉 Welcome back our friends from the US, Australia Singapore, India, Canada, Slovenia, Algeria, Taiwan, Belgium and France 😉

It’s the movie we watched via Redbox promo coupon.

The truth is that we got two movies: “Atomic Blonde” & “A Family Man“,

Image result for A Family man

The first one was a disaster but the second one was humane. Since my daughter told me not to spoil it for you, we would only give our recommendations. The later movie  you may enjoy it more as it is a family one, and if you decided to see both, it’s up to you. Just be careful coz the first one is R not a family movie.

One thing we would like to mention though is that when you see sick people especially young ones or kids, for some reason, it moves some part of your heart. We watched “A Family Man” in a group, and we were all in tears.

You might experience the same like us. It is natural reason to get all your tears out and get rid of them with all the struggle that kid  was going through. You would feel the torture and the calamity that family lived.

As for the first movie, it is just a cheap one, never heard of any of its actors, and it is just for adults sex movies. May be they should label it as X movies instead of R. 🙄 One star is too much for it 🙄

Atomic Blonde, Movie on DVD, Action

Do you want to talk more? Send your comments or email us with your suggestions or opinions as usual. Until then stay cool and stick around our topics with our hugs and kisses.

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