Free yourself! Make no little plans for the day, yours are already put together in their best! 😉 Welcome back our dearest friends from the US, New Zealand,  Germany, Estonia, and Belgium 😉

Many nice sayings and we’re saving plenty of them for you, but the best still to come. 

The best thing to do today is just to keep warm in bed and to watch random options, just in case you can get some unintended entertainment. Actually we watched a good movie that can recommend it for you, but may be tomorrow would be a better timing, since Redbox was the one that invited us to it with that free code. 🙄

When I talk to my team about the topic of the day, many ideas come up. The enthusiasm and the energy fill in the space. The dynamics gives me the thrills of excitement and cheerfulness.

Many topics were discussed and one of them was how some smart companies use nice and colorful promotional pictures to attract the attention of the consumers, while others continue with the classical black and white signs for reasons such as saving or running on a thrifty budget, etc..

Miranda mentioned one company in Staples where this shot was taken. We all liked it, and decided to share it with all of you, since it had taste, art, colors, and creativity.

Here it is:


Until we chat again, pls remind us of any subject that you would like us to talk about. Continue your search with our very long list to reach your highest inspiration with our hugs and kisses



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