Entertainment Gigantic!

People voice their needs! I wonder if this is true. We truly appreciate your coming back to our pages, where you’d find what you’re looking for. Thank you for the US, Morocco, New Zealand, & Ghana 😉

Nowadays, it seems that people go to classes not seeking learning, but searching for socialization and entertainment. May be not all of them, definitely, there is still some percentage for those who seek learning.

It is scary to see how people are dragged into that trap of depending more on the entertainment in a way that created a necessity rather than a refreshment or/and a re-energizing source.

It all started one day when someone decided to attract the attention of someone else by telling a story or performing a move. When s/he succeeded in doing that, the urge for more presented itself, and the continuation and the need to repeat that act or come up with more of other forms of the same act increased gradually and periodically.

Until one day, while everyone is busy, entertainment stepped up to be on the top of all other branches of life. No one paid attention that it would  become a huge industry. It is like any other business or industry in our life, but in addition, it occupied a very special rank, right on the top of all others.

It is claimed that entertainment found its roots at ancient Pharaoh’s times:

Think about it, and name all included activities that go under the entertainment category. You would find it huge, enormous, or gigantic!

I guess, we can talk about it more, just after a short break. Until then, keep checking on our list, you’d be surprised, with our hugs and kisses

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