Entrance 2 Entertainment Industry, 1Z!

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Unbelievably huge business, “Entertainment Industry”, but how to get into it, is the tricky part about it. Many of us have no clue when it comes to this industry. Yes, we know that it includes TV, Movies, Theater, Opera, Shows, Hosts, Guests, Celebrities, Documentaries, etc…But how to get into it, or what kind of jobs can be available for our new generations, nobody really know exactly how it works.


Let me give you our Question No. 71 from our competition first, then continue with the world of entertainment:


Seriously if I wasn’t a writer, I would have thought to join the entertainment field, since I could see how fast and how endless its growth is.

Mostly, every successful work has a sort of a plan. I will summarize it for you in few steps to the best of my knowledge, to make it easy, especially for young people, to start their own careers.

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  1. Research: Put enough time in research to make sure where your next step will be.
  2. Purpose: Do you have a purpose for your plan? Ask yourself, until you get a good answer.
  3. Profile: Make a profile for yourself. Pretend that you’re introducing yourself to your new audience/customers/followers/fans. How do you want them to see you?
  4. Documentation: Keep a file for your documents, so you would be able to follow up with your project, including expenses, and people involved.Image result for entertainment industry
  5. Decide the product
  6. Are you going to be the product (an actor/entertainer), or are you going to have a novel as a product? What product you are going to offer the entertainment industry?
  7. Connections: Create your own network by being connected to any point of interest that will serve your purpose. 
  8. Plan: Introduce your product, know your territories, expand your product, refine and adjust your product, & add people to your network for regular enhancement.

Too many aspects to be in this industry even if you were just interested in making ads for entertainment tools. Look at this example: This is an ad, and it is entertaining, exactly similar to a game that attracts your attention. Ask yourself if you have the interest in doing this kind of work, and if it is for life, or just temporary mood.

I am truly happy that you are with us today. I hope that this article would give you some insights about how to plan ahead your endeavor in getting a career or deciding which field you’d be interested in working in – hopefully for the rest of your life. 🙂

We have to go for a short break now, and be back in few moments to continue with you our chatting about new ideas for our life. Until then, give me your biggest hugs ever ❤


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