1Zum, Am I Crystal Clear?

Dear friends and readers, welcome to our pages! It’s always a huge pleasure to talk to you, and to spend some time, chatting with you, about things that we both enjoy.

Thank you the US, Belgium, Chile, Philippines, South Korea, n Switzerland friends; you’re always welcome to read our pages, day or night 😉

Today we are into the gems, and how we have too many kinds of gems that no one person is able to just recite the names of all these different kinds of gem, even a geologist, I think, would find it hard to have his memory uploaded with all these difficult names.

As for our competition, Q no. 70, states:


The most famous gems are diamonds, but why women like them more than any other gems?  “Nobody will know you’re engaged if you don’t have a diamond ring”, someone once told me when I expressed that I actually don’t care for the way diamond rings look, and wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have one with diamonds, if I were to ever be engaged.

Well…OK. Would the fact that I am engaged or married need to be branded on me? That makes me feel a little like Bessie down at the farm getting tagged before she becomes a hamburger. Ok, ok, a little harsh, but you get what I mean. Wearing an engagement ring isn’t like having a giant label slapped on you, and on you go to the marriage mill. Right? 😆

Rose Quartz, also commonly called the Love Stone, Pink Quartz, or Bohemian Ruby. it's energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra. this makes rose quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. as a variety of quartz, rose quartz has high energy that can enhance love in virtually any situation.:

There has always been a certain mystique about these gorgeous gemstones—perhaps because of the process that they go through to make them one of the most desired commodities in the world. Diamonds are made of ordinary, everyday carbon—but the way in which that carbon is transformed into a diamond is anything but ordinary.

Natural diamond formation takes thousands, even millions of years, and requires extremely high pressure and temperatures. In other words, you need the right 1z-crystlclrenvironment to turn them into objects of desire. These conditions make diamonds—one of the hardest substances known to mankind – as one of the most indestructible.

Our proverb about diamonds is coming from France, which says: “Diamond cut diamond”. Think about it. It’s very simple, direct, and comprehensible.

You must have heard this expression, as well, “Am I  crystal clear?, or Is it crystal clear?” in  which the word “crystal” which means “highly transparent glass with a high refractive index” is used as an insurance of clarity. Some students of mine used to think that crystal was kind of gem, which is not. 😛

Dear 1Zumba friends, there is plenty of gems in your world. It’s great stuff, but comparatively few number of people who are really interested in this area, although, it’s very prosperous field for everyone who is working in it.

It’s great time to take a short break now, until then, go ahead & try to catch up with all the posts that you missed. It’s nice to let all these small pieces of info just flow into your dear mind, and enlarge its knowledge capacity. Love you all. Kisses & hugs ❤



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