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Still waiting for your message! Thank you friends, writers, bloggers, followers, readers, co-workers, students, & all categories to which you prefer to belong to! We are here today to have more fun 😉

Dearest ones from the US, Uganda, South Korea, Hong Kond SAR China, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Thailand, n Chile, welcome to our world 😉

1Zumba friend, Mimi, approached us the other day, and told us something new, we did not know about before. Here’s what she told us, in her own words:

“ACID IS THE SEED OF DISEASE: Today the average American diet is highly acidic.  This acidity leads to sickness and disease, whereas alkalinity leads to good health.  When our bodies are overly acidic we create the perfect environment or disease to thrive in.  The closer one’s body is to being alkaline, the healthier that person is.  Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg Assist “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline”.  The solution therefore is found by drinking KANGEN water which is highly alkaline and helps fight acid overload.


DOES DRINKING THE RIGHT WATER REALLY MATTER? The truth is that not all waters are created equal. With our bodies being compromised of between 75 – 85% water, it makes sense that we would need to replace it every so often with a fresh supply of good water in order to stay properly hydrated.  One of the best ways to achieve adequate hydration is to readily supply your body with healthy, antioxidant, super hydrating water which is produced by KANGEN WATER TECHNOLOGY.  Since your health is of utmost importance, choosing what kind of water you drink makes all the difference in the world.

HOW CAN KANGEN WATER HELP? Alkaline water benefits the body in many ways by keeping you healthier through superior hydration and detoxification.  Drinking KANGEN water could be one of the simplest and healthiest decisions you’ll ever make.  Whether you’re shedding extra weight, flushing toxins from your body or making sure you’re drinking enough water, Alkaline KANGEN water can help you achieve optimal health.  KANGEN water has helped people with innumerable diseases and health problems.  Simply by working KANGEN water into your diet, you will eventually be living a much healthier and happier lifestyle!

Our Competition Question no.69 looking for any answer to this:


Facts you need to think about clearly, to take the right decision:
– SUPER CELLULAR HYDRATION – (Assist the body to rebuild itself)
– DETOXIFY & NEUTRALIZE ACIDITY – (Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body)
Displaying 20160812_154335.jpgINCREDIBLE ANTI-OXIDANT SOURCE – (Reduces body’s aging process)
– DISARMS FREE RADICALS – (Rebuilds the body to its “ORIGINAL STATE”)
– MAKES ALKALINE PH OF 8.5 – 11.5 – (Changes water’s acid ph to alkaline)
– MAKES MICLROCLUSTERED WATER – (Water is more easily absorbed by cells
– CONVENIENCE – WATER AT HOME – (No more going to the store for water)

I do love you all, and I like to talk to you about too many other important things in our lives, but until then, I have to say good bye for now. Send me emails, questions, comments. Kisses & hugs ❤


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