Expect The UnExpected, 1Zumba!

Friends and readers from everywhere, I love you all 🙂

Dearest ones from the US, Mexico, the Philippines, and India, our deepest appreciation for being such loyal readers and fans. Welcome to any of your great comments 😉

“What is it, my dear 1Zumba friend? Why am I not able to keep my balance? It feels as if someone is capturing my soul, and I’m enjoying it nevertheless. How odd this could be?”, Garcia asked Pat.

Pat looked at me and laughed. I didn’t get it (I said to myself). Pat rolled her eyes towards me again, as if asking me, don’t you understand what he was talking about?

Competition Question no. 68 asks you:

Back to our 1Zumba friends, they were acting as if there was something going on I don’t know about yet; or, they wanted to tell me about it, but they were not able to easily initiate it for some reason. Then I thought and whisper to myself “what was that?” It feels I should be ready for surprises.

Image result for he proposeImage result for he propose

Then, it happened. It was a true saying: “Expect the unexpected!” Pat told me that Garcia wanted to propose to Stephanie, with whom he had a tough situation two weeks ago. Ufff!

Image result for he proposeImage result for he propose

When I asked him if he knew that she had the same feelings for him or not, he laughed and answered: “Of course, why am I going to propose then?” LOL! 😀

Thank you for being with us today, and always expect the unexpected, so you wouldn’t get a shock, when surprised by news that you never expected in a million years. Kisses & hugs ❤


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