Alas, Likely Spam!

Preserve your living style! 😉  

acorda-logo-boraRing, ring, ring, you don’t feal answering your phone. It’s too early. You don’t want to lose the most important part of your sleep between 6-7 am.

But you’ve already waken up, and your mind started thinking, who was it? You don’t want to touch your cell-phone. “It’s too early to let your eyes slashed and flashed with your phone’s light.

Oh! The sleep has gone and your eyes are open although you’re trying hard to close it. You started looking at the ceiling, and seeing the tiny lightishapes reflected on your walls coming from few lights coming from some of your equipment.

Okay, this is it. You have to get up from your sweet bed and to look at the number that called you bc it rare to receive a call that early, and what if it was an emergency or somthing. “Well, maybe it’s a wrong number as well,” you thought in your mind.

Alas, phew! Let me see who is that crazy fellow. OMG! It’s .. it was classified Puerto Rico call source “Likely Spam” 😆  😆

Thank you for spending time with us all friends from: the US, Brazil, the UK, Australia, India, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Kenya, Hungary, China, South Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Maylasia, Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, Finland,  Tailand, Pakistan, Russia, Macedonia, Denmark, France, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Albania, Lebanon, Spain, and all ❤

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