Envy Nobody!

Remember the good things others did for you! 😉  

Relationship Real Talk: Is Your Husband Jealous of Your Baby?Who said so? And who are you? Why do you keep arguing about the same thing over and over again? Why do you always think that you are right? Why did you change after marriage?

A lot of delicate questions and you feel you have no answer while you spend the night everyday next to him. You’ve become suspicious that he knew someone else, why not? You didn’t know him enough before marriage. You wanted to get married quickly but now you’re paying for being compulsive.

Out of challenge and jealousy, you wanted to be him. Before marriage, when he used to talk about his father or his mother, you felt that you didn’t have the same kind of family. Your Jealousy And Relationships | How To Get Over Jealousy?family was not as good as his. Your education was less than him too, and you wanted to be as proud as he was.

You should not complain now, it is your choice and you are unble to change his roots. You can’t ask him to neglect his root family just for the sake of keeping you unjealous. You might need some consultation with a psychologist. Perhaps, a good solution can be reached and feeling self-confident might come to you and take you back to your senses.

Until we talk again, catch with what you missed with our hugs and kisses ❤

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