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Why is it important to ask questions?

Because it is the basis of learning. When you ask a question, you would like to understand about something that you you don’t understand. This is the simplest definition.

But you can ask questions for clarification, which mean you understand but you want to be certain that there is no other possible interpretation for what you understand. This is used when you want to confirm your info about a specific subject.

In any research, there is a question that needs an answer, and the researcher’s role is to explore and discover the possibility of getting an answer or having a theory about a possible answer.


When you are a researcher or a scholar, you may have too many answers for one question, and if you are a good one, you’d be able to explain it to others.

You need more researchers in your world. It is good to encourage your kids to ask questions and to be researchers or scholars. It would serve your kid and it would serve you as well in the long run. Be an example for your kids and your siblings in being able to ask questions, and never chicken out from asking questions.

Generations of researchers need new generations to continue their work. It’s a waste of time, money , and life when there is nobody else to continue your work in which you spent all your life.$1

I remember when my daughter was very little, she used to ask about ducks and why they quack. I bet your kids must have asked you similar questions too when they were young and so curious to know about many things around them.

Let them ask and try to answer as many questions as you can, and never question their questions asking why they asked those questions. Your job is to provide answers not to question your kids’ questions.

There is other reasons for asking questions, but this will be in another post.

Until we talk again, send us any question about our topics, we’d love to answer your questions, with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel


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