Coming to your face, just count on 3! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US,  India, Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, France, Ireland, Indonesia, Philippines, and South Africa. 😉

Who are you?

Do you think you’re someone important? May be you are  a queen, an empress, a principal, a supervisor, a manager, a king, a minister, a priest, a CEO, a president, an actress, you got it.

Well, take a look, up there! Look at yourself from far away, up there in the sky, can you see yourself? Oh, poor fellow! You can’t even fly like a bird moving your wings up and down. Look at that crazy majestic clouds siting up there, written, erased, re-written, and re-erased all the time.SophieImpoHumble.jpg

Who are you?

Perhaps, you look like an ant, not really you’re totally unseen from the window of my airplane. Miserable bastard! You are nothing. Just keep it in mind. You are nothing until the day you die.

You’re only living an illusion of being someone important given a title by other human beings, getting paid being stuck to that title. You are just a poor creature with nothing of your own. You can’t own your body or control it. You buy a land to be an owner! Pfff! You can’t  take any piece of land from Earth when it’s  time to leave.

You’re miserable coz of all what you’re doing to yourself. Just embrace what the Creator give you, enjoy all those blessings that were granted to you and say thanks.

Remember, you are not important. “Important” is a word like any other word your illusions came up with to satisfy your vanity. Humble yourself.

Until we chat again, check up  on our updated topics, gather your pearls for your new inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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