To Sky!

Enough for this or enough for that? Welcome back the US, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Spain, China, France, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Argentina, Iraq, the UK, European Union, Philippines, Greece, and Malaysia! 😉

Cookieless cookieless cookieless
I think I’m having a special song called Cookieless 😆

Carol2SophieCarol sent me a pretty bird flying and jumping from roof to roof with another bird. She said when she talked about it to the neighbors, they didn’t believe her. She seized the opportunity to take a quick shot to show it to them.

I’m writing this back to Carol to thank her for her great photo:

I’m a bird, I need to fly
My wings are ready to sky

                                           I can’t wear a mask 
                                           I can’t delay a task

                                           I can’t put on gloves
                                           It can’t beat the cloves

                                          Still a bird and still needs to fly.

Until we chat again, cheer up coz everything has an end, except for your Creator, with our hugs and kisses



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