Students’ Talk!

Twinkle twinkle little stars how I wonder what you are! 😉 Welcome back everyone from everywhere on our great planet! 😉

John, Ashley, Mazen, and Agatha were all with me online. It was I would say very productive session in ESL.SAS Academic Programs for Students | SAS

When you talk to your students and carefully listen to them, you’d know that they have heavy burdens on their backs. You’d feel how each one of them is struggling with her/his own battles.

Ashley is working 3 jobs all part time and she’s getting the minimum wage. Although it’s supposed to be $ 15 as it was set by the Feds but she’s getting only $ 12/hr.  Frustrating? Where’s the time to study?

John is working one job but it’s all the night which means that he has to sleep during the daytime and be awake the whole night. He acts careless about everything as if he’s trying to say “What else do you want me to do?” He’s in his 20s yet seems to be far older than that.

The question is: Is there a check to secure these students future? What kind of security the government give to this layer of people?

Until we chat again, let’s know your opinion via comments/emails with our hugs and kisses

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