Sky Talk!

Is the sky still the limit? 😉 Welcome back dearest friends readers and all from everywhere: the US, Austria, Italy, China, Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Croatia, Cambodia, Ukraine, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Nepal, Philippines, Israel, Indonesia, Italy Germany, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Austria, Brazil, Slovakia, Romania, Denmark, Turkey, Ecuador, and India! 😉


Nature is unparalleled mind-blower
it’s above miracles & magic
it’s a higher stage
or may be the highest

Who needs a TV or streaming?
It’s all out there for you to watch
sit by your deck or your door
you’d be mesmerized or in glore

Take your time, what can you see?
A panorama of technicolor
revolving above you and others

Voiceless you are, would that matter?
t’s unmatched view
layers over layers
in a constant move
neither you can stop it
nor you can drop it

You’re captivated n taken higher
where you can’t deny it or be a liar!
You’re not meant to be there to coach
you’re only there to watch.

Until we chat again, just be there on time, and keep watching with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel


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