Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2018 Water! Accent Again? Onions’ Weight Loss! Roasted Veg. Weekend-Special? True Beauty! Secrets! Ah! My 1Zumba! (Update) A Case against Gas Prices! Your Life Matters! Strategic vs. Tactical Ultimate Options! You! Lady G! Fear! Tips! Money Tricks! Students’ Power! Eyes! Your Crossword & Technology! Poogweese! Pilot Meals! Diamonds vs. Gold? Movies’ Ups! Others! Evil Cinderella? … More Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Goof-Off Day!

Ask yourself if your Creator is happy with you? 😉 Forget about the money today bc it is “National Goof-Off  Day” in which you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. National Goof Off Day on March 22nd each year gives everyone the opportunity to have a little extra fun. The day is also known … More Goof-Off Day!

Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

Jan./Feb. 2018 Happy 2018! Drone! Time Bomb? New Invention! Relationship Doubts! Mercedes, Ford, or Buick? A Pioneering Mechanic! Marina Sands! Really Plants Speak?! Underwater City! Auto-Service Flapping South Africa! Space City! Your Weight Management! Treasure Caves! Sweden Piece! Weight Management²! Bart Discrimination Policy! Gun vs Knife! Your Nails! Inappropriate! OMG! Credit Cards! Coming Soon! Soap-Free! … More Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

Claimed Heists²!

Welcome everyone from everywhere to your new posts! 😉  Oh! After watching five of these greatest heist with Brosnan, do you like it? Two new episodes one of them no. 6 is about the Museum of Natural History and this location in New York. It took place in the 60s. This team was all youth … More Claimed Heists²!


Is blaming others a solution?! 😉   Because everything is now going on very quickly, people don’t have a break of intensive events a day after day. The top of the trending news though is about France and the flaming riots taking place there for the retirement age increased without the approval of the people. Do … More Flaming!

Blob Warning!

Only promise what you can deliver! 😉   How fast is it? When would it be landing on you shores? Is there a reason for panicking over that huge in size blob? How could it appear all of a sudden? Is there any scientific indication to not to use the beaches for a certain period of … More Blob Warning!

He Promised!

Just to be given this life, you are blessed! 😉   Are you one of these? Why breaking it? It is taken very seriously by many others who might tell you not to do this. You need to know that that is so disappointing. You promised to do something for someone, whatever what you promised, it … More He Promised!

New Movies!

Thank you for having us as a part of your day! ♠Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, China, and all! It is  a weekend, but this time your recommended movie will be a whole channel, that keeps bringing the best family movies. This … More New Movies!

Nice Commercials!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, Pakistan, China, and all! It is a sweet surprise to see this TV commercial. It is elegant, brief , and to the point. You must have been talking about the Air France TV commercial presented in 2022 … More Nice Commercials!

Python & Whales!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Taiwan, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, and all! You need to know about this: Hundreds of dead whales have washed up on the Atlantic coast of the US since 2017, including the critically endange ….. This is a new phenomenon that is taking place now at … More Python & Whales!

Tulip’s Day!

Thank you friends from the US, Canada, and Japan! Your Creator owns all skies and all lands, softly managing these unlimited globes, can you even imagine this?! Today it is Tulip’s Day. “This Saturday, March 4, 2023, American Tulip Day is returning to San Francisco. “Union Square Plaza will be transformed by 80,000 American-grown tu …. … More Tulip’s Day!

New Elvis Movie!

Always, welcome to see all of you here with us! It is not yet a weekend, but due to the rainy snowy weather many of you are staying home; therefore, there is a chance to watch a new movie. This time, it was the right one since it earned a few medals and rewards in … More New Elvis Movie!

Claimed Heists!

Welcome everyone from everywhere to your new posts! 😉   Oh! Is it time for some movie recommendation? You think so, right. This weekend you can enjoy a series about the most sophisticated and greatest heists in history; this is what is claimed. The main narrator is Pierce Brosnan who is a great actor himself but … More Claimed Heists!

Balloons & Others!

Only by His blessing, you can enjoy food! 😉   Do you think that there is no accidents? Well, there is, but oddly enough the chairwoman of NTSB  announced publicly: “We call it accident; there is no accident” She talked about the Ohio train derailment and that it was preventable but no care put into the … More Balloons & Others!

Where’s She?!

Science is limited to its language, but language is unlimited! 😉   Don’t you think that it is genius to be able to selct the right child to the right role to play on the bigscreen or TV shows? You certainly would admire the little girl who acted Samantha’s daughter in “Bewitched“. Maybe you wondered how … More Where’s She?!

Feel Your Dress!

Dress in a way that makes you feel well! 😉   Looking for new trends in dresses? There’s a lot of new designs but it is fit for different bodies 🙄 Everyday, there is some kind of new fashion but the most prevailing ones are the ones that are worn by real people not by celebrities, … More Feel Your Dress!

Left Behind!

Welcome everyone to your new posts! 😉   For this weekend, it is recommended to watch “Left Behind” 2014. “Left Behind” finds commercial airline pilot Ray Steele (Nicholas Cage) struggling to keep his passengers calm and his plane afloat after the Biblical Rapture … Nicholas Cage is as usual extremely capable of representing the role he plays. It was … More Left Behind!

Health Trivia⁵!

Cheering up is quite a heavy mission, but it is doable! 😉 There is still a lot to be said. Trivia as if is endless. The one you might like to know about now is: the claim about your toothbrush and that it should be kept covered. A toothbrush cover is a problem because it creates … More Health Trivia⁵!

Driving What?!

Hesitation sometimes serve your goals! 😉 You might be surprised at the idea behind a study made by researchers lately. But why are you surprised if it is related to your health? Most probably you didn’t pay enough attention to it. More specifically, the study is about “Germobile”, which is having a car as a … More Driving What?!


Sunny, it was yesterday, but today, it is shy! 😉 There has been a story related to the famous actor, Brendan Fraser (The Mummy)  He passed an important message to the public during his last appearance in Oscar Nomination occasion. Do you think anyone paid a close attention to what he said?? You’ll hear about … More Umbrellas!

Health Trivia⁴?!

Everyday you have new tasks, can you keep up with all of them?! 😉 Your today’s health trivia is related to your mouth. What about it?  Unfortunately, it is true that your mouth has an unbelievable number of bacteria: some are good and some are bad (25). Some are laughing. Yes, of course it is … More Health Trivia⁴?!

Poker Face!

Welcome back to your posts! 😉   For this weekend, it is recommended to watch “Poker Face”: A tech billionaire gathers his friends at his home for a high-stakes poker game. Things go awry when his mansion is invaded by a dangerous killer. More Russel Crow is not only an actor in this movie but also … More Poker Face!

Real Gratitude!

You do your best to see a smile on their faces! 😉 Do you think you owe your parents anything? A tough question considering the attack that adult children hold against their parents with all the excuses in the world (maybe supported by some invalid literature) to justify distancing. Due to the sensetivity of this … More Real Gratitude!

Fear Free!

In your heart, you seek relaxation and peace! 😉 Is this the only way to enjoy anything around you? Perhaps, just having peace of mind will let you enjoy things more. Do you think it is true? Being free of burdens or responsibilities, could it really make you happier and more friendly? Take a deep … More Fear Free!

Nails 2023!

The best will come to you, trust your Creator! 😉 Nails are very important for you, but especially for ladies who appear in Media. Standing in front of a camera has been a good reason for taking good care of your nails. You might say that this is a personal matter. Sure, it is but … More Nails 2023!


There is a good taste and a poor taste! 😉 Do you feel similar to the majority when it comes to taste? Taste in general. For example, liking a photo that too many other people like, or a game that you like to watch and many others like to do the same. Macy’s commercials or … More Macy’s!


Day after day, podcast gradually enjoys larger space in the Media world. Lately, it is clearly shown that some podcasts are extraordinary outstanding. Breathe some fresh air with this one. Something hilarious you rarely hear. Not sure if she prepared for that act or if it really happened to her. You heard her story here: … More Podcast!

Health Trivia³?!

Your parents are your first line of defense! 😉 Your today’s health trivia is related to your handwashing. It claims that electric hand-dryers are more healthy. What?!  Unfortunately, this is false. Who is the victim? You. Take a good look at these pictures and see how deceived you are. Some are laughing. Yes, of course … More Health Trivia³?!

Health Trivia²?!

Your parents are your first defense line! 😉 One of your body trivia is about your ears. It says that your ears keep growing with age. Although it is true that your ears and nose when you are a child grow with you but not forever, only until puberty.  Of course, what you need to … More Health Trivia²?!

Health Trivia?!

Being rich is never a guarantee for having cheerfulness in your life! 😉 Your body is just the most fabulous creation in your whole world. There some trivia from time to time about it, but many times it is missing the right explanatio for the why. One of these trivia is about the amount that … More Health Trivia?!

Do it Right!

You wok hard but you need to clearly aim at your goals! 😉 “Why is it all inappropriate handling, these are people not lost pets?” “Do you understand how enormous this is?” “Yes, of course by now everyone must have heard about it” “Really? Then why nothing happened in years to protect these people?” “It … More Do it Right!

Baldwin (Cont.)!

You try your best but sometimes others are unaware of their limitation! 😉 “Did you do this?” “No, it wasn’t me. It was the one who put the bullets inside that gun.” “But you were the one who fired that gun, you didn’t even care to look at the bullets to make sure that they … More Baldwin (Cont.)!