1Zumba Solar Bike!

Hello again dear readers, bloggers, writers, followers, friends, and any other person who is visiting our site now, for one reason or the other, welcome to our fun world.

You are in the right place, where we are friends forever, although nothing is forever, but that is how we used to say it.

Our friends from the US, Slovenia, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, Philippines, Puerto rico, European Union, n the United Arab Emirates are on the top of our list for thanking and welcoming 😉

First our competition question no. 55 is:


Second, our new invention. You’d love that!  According to Yanko Design, Mojtaba Raeisi’s creation can run on electricity, solar power, or just your own two legs. The solar panels within each of the wheels rotate 30 degrees, and most of the solar energy is absorbed while the bike is parked.

Yeah, solar has waste and pollution issues, but this bike is still rad.

It looks like the bike is still in the conceptual stage, rather than something you can wheel outta the shop. But it’s a cool sign that solar is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.

Going back to the story of our 1Zumba friend, Yelena, who was put in a bad situation when she saw what happened near the school fountain at the far back end of the school, where nobody normally go there.

Her next move was that thinking of so if everyone was doing that, why didn’t they do it to her? She kept asking herself that question. Of course, she didn’t see that everyone was doing that, but after close observation, she found out that a high percentage of girls and boys were doing things like that.

Where that was taking her to? She said that one time, during the break, she approached one of the girls she had in her class, when she found her in the class by herself. They kind of exchanging some kind of greetings and they walked together in the school yard.

Yelena saw that girl before in a situation where she was accepting that rubbing technique, or what else could we call it?! So she decided to try it herself with that girl. She didn’t take the girl to the end of the school or anything like that.

She put her hand on that girl’s waist, and move it upwards very gently, and very smoothly until she reached her right breast. OMG! The girl didn’t say anything, she looked at her and smile. She agreed that she could do that. OMG! Yelena could not believe that. 

It was all very confusing to her. She blushed pulled down her hand, and ran away to the class. But since that moment on, you wouldn’t believe what she did with that girl.

Enough about Yelena, and it’s time to say “Good bye”, just for a little bit, and then back again with all of you.

Remember to send your comments, questions, or feedback. We love you all ❤


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