1Z, Who’s That Follower?!

Friends and readers everywhere, thank you for coming to our humble spot. We are lucky to have you all, especially from the US, Slovenia, Mexico, Slovakia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Brazil, the UAE 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it has been a while since I heard from you…Busy busy, honey honey, oops, I mean sugar honey honey. This song has been playing in my head like crazy nonstop. Talk to me, keep in touch, check on what you missed, if any, from our posts, smart fellow 😉

“I knew that he was taken from the market so early”, she said. “Someone like him, smart, good-looking, confident, eloquent, n many other wonderful qualities that qualify him to be a keeper by any wise lady. But I didn’t want to believe it. In my heart, I wanted him to be mine, and mine alone.”

She said: “It was a kind of craziness to think in that way, but I couldn’t help it. He lived there right inside my heart, or somewhere deeper. I haven’t met anyone who chose what I would have chosen myself, for my self. I’m trying to describe why I felt so close to him, although I never saw him face-to-livin2wrldsface.” 😮

That was the funny part about it. I was in a place far away from him; nevertheless, I had all those emotions n feelings, as if he was living with me, well not exactly. Living nearby, not with me.

“When he told me that he was married I wanted to tell him I expected that. Of course I didn’t say that. Instead I said: great do u have any kids? It was really hard even to continue the conversation with him. Coz I felt as if there was a sword approaching my throat, although I was eager to know if my expectations were right or wrong at the same time, but I’d rather had it wrong.”

“Now, there is no more excuse for me to keep any hopes that he would be mine”, she told me all of that and she wasn’t in tears or anything like that, but I felt that deep sorrow  in her voice.

I couldn’t say a word!

W.Y., 1A-Realtor friend, was heart broken coz she lived in an illusion, and that is why I tell you over and over again, be realistic in your dreams, or even in your hopes.

I was asked by one of my team, about that follower, and her incident of passion, but I couldn’t reveal the name, when he inquired sharply: “Who’s that follower?!”

I bet we will talk some more, I’m getting into that mood soon, haha! Right after a short break, I’ll get you your competition, your Yelena’s continued story, your new invention, n your fun being together. Love you ❤

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