Computer Confusion!

Wisdom will come to you after you reach your forties, be ready to see your mistakes! 😉  

37,333 Computer Confusion Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ...Computers are taking over many of the big industries; actually causing a lot of confusion while they are supposed to be there to help customers.

For example, trips whether via air or by sea, you can see all kinds of complaints, and it is easy to say that it is a computer fault or glitch 🙄

Because it is easy to say that it is a computer’s fault, the majority of your responding agents, would use it, but how about explaining what exactly the computers do since the business basically using a machine to be more accurate, and to make it faster for the customers to get moving, so it will serve more to come.

What Airlines Can Do to Win Customers, Build LoyaltyThe problems have been there for some time and when it was the start of COVID, there was a chaos in most airport not only bc of the health problem but also bc computers were not ready for similar disaster.

It is time to be ready, and ready for the worst. Waiting until the worst happen will impede all life activities.

Are you racing against time? 😦

Until we talk again, be ready to share your values, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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