Time is Life!

Good Idea! Is it possible that someone well-known of good qualities could make a mistake? 😉 Sure, thanks for being here great friends from everywhere: the US, Netherlands, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, the UK, Botswana, Spain, Germany, China, France, South Africa, Egypt, Taiwan, Australia, Jordan, Belarus, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Philippines, India, Nigeria, and all! 😉

Time is money”, is a phrase that were put together by B. Franklin who is seen as one of the founder fathers of this country.

Here’s what was written about this phrase without knowing who wrote it:

Whoever spread the idea or the phrase “Time is money”, should have been so mean and so vicious disrespectful of human minds. That person wanted to convince you that your life time is equal to whatever you are paid or make and that you are not owed anything more. Your hour has a price.

What a twisted sick mind! Shame!


When you give 25 yrs of your life to work/job, it means that you give it all, you give your whole life to a stupid “work title” without really enjoying your precious time your precious uncounted days on Earth.

Time is never equal to money. You invented money but you did not invent life or time. Wait a minute, it seems that you invented time too. True but just to count your time on Earth. Money can’t buy time.

Life is created by The Creator not by human-beings; therefore, your life is worth far more than an absurd penny. You are far better off if you just get yourself a piece of land and put a small home on it make a family with some trees around without the need for any money. (you can do that).

Just keep in mind that money is never equal to your time and that time is never never money. Those who promote such slogans suck your whole life, steal your pretty days under the pretense of paying you what is equal to your time.

Never believe them b/c your time is far worthy than money.

Until we chat again, dear friends your time is your life with our hugs and kisses



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