If a sparrow could make it through life, you can too! 😉 Good Day dearest readers writers bloggers friends and all from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Romania, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, and all ! 😉

When you love your country, you’d prefer to see its name on every product that you buy. You would feel proud and independent.

This is how the majority of true citizens are, but how can you accomplish that? Should you talk about it to your students?

When you choose to keep your manufacturing in the United States, you’ll save significantly on inbound and outbound delivery and shipping costs. … By keeping shipping costs low, you’ll also be able to maintain product costs lower because you’ll have less overhead. more

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. Be curious where the thing that you’re gonna buy was manufactured, and pay attention to phrases such as “Distributed by Co. in LA” It does not mean that it was made in LA, CA.

. Encourage your local products in everything.

. Even if it was a little bit higher in price, trust the quality.

. No better quality than your own country’s products.

. Businessmen need to be eager and ready to manufacture everything starting by the needle ending by the huge vessel or a smart plane.

. Stop trying to make money and shipping jobs to outsiders, it’s wrong wrong.

“Made in USA” is the right thing to do to be really independent, minimize the needs for any import, and keep the profits for  yourself.

Until we chat again, enjoy your readings and share any comments with our hugs and kisses


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