Love, Guaranteed!

What can you guarantee? 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers and all from the US, Netherlands, Aruba, Morocco, Serbia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Dominican Republic, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Russia, India, the UK, Indonesia, Sweden, France, China, Australia, and all! 😉

It is quite a surprise to have a Netflix movie that is witty and can be watched by the whole family without any annoying feeling.SophieLoveGuaranteed

The story was simple and that is why it was successful coz you need to take a break of complicated life, don’t you?

Enough be said, the movie is “Love, Guaranteed”. The actors were excellent yet new for us to recognize. Now take your time and set up your family movie time and you wouldn’t regret it.

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