Job Hunt!

Do you want a job? 😉 Welcome back and thanks for being here our dear friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Netherlands, Aruba, Morocco, Serbia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Dominican Republic, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Russia, India, the UK, Indonesia, Sweden, France, China, Australia, and all! 😉

To be honest and direct, you’re going to find it harder than before to find a job. Many of you understand this fact while others don’t.

For people who are seeking jobs:

. If you are a student, there is plenty of places that are open to you.

You can start looking at Target, Enterprise, Walmart, HomeDepot, Retail stores in general is a good

. If you are a professional, try to prepare a good resume and submit it to it’s a good source for professionals.

. If you are a Vet, there is many jobs related to security and guards may be a good fit for you. Now it is in high demand.

. If you were disable, the chances are most of the businesses would give you a priority over others to be hired with accommodation.

You need to work on it every day until you landed on something that would make sense to you.

Good luck

Jobs hunt has become harder than ever. Why? Coz of confusion and uncertainty. Is this good enough? Many Californians left out to other States including Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada not only for better chances of work but also due to the better prices and no taxes on your income as it is the case in CA.

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