Good days are coming! 😉 Back again to your pages, welcome dearest friends everywhere: the US, The UK, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Qatar, Caribbean Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, China, South Korea, Canada, and all! 😉

Why is it hard for some of you to ask for help? Is it big ego? Is it shame? Is it bashfulness? Is it a fear of being turned down?  

SophieHelpYou need to ask yourself: what would terribly happen if you got turned down? Nothing. The universe will not come to an end if you asked for help.

Here’s some helpful tips you should try if you feel that you can’t ask for help:

In reality, offering help and asking for help usually benefits everyone involved. Here are eight reasons you should overcome your fears or worries about asking for help:

1) When you don’t ask for help, not only do you assume… more

Even in the workplace there are some who can’t ask for help due to many reasons. It’s a bit complicated coz everyone is so different in how to feel when asking for help.

Most of us know we can’t accomplish everything on our own, yet many professionals are shy about asking for helpmore

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Until we chat again, be patient and open up to others keep up with our updated topics with our hugs and kisses

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