People’s Money!

Only in your imagination, who knows?! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers writers bloggers friends and all; thank you for being here today especially new friends from the US, the UK, Senegal, India, Qatar, Cuba, China, Paraguay, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Colombia, Spain, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, and all! 😉

It is so odd that the US Congress disapproved of helping people who stayed home due to the Chinese virus while approving $25,000,000,000 billions to the USPS.

This is outrageous! The money is the people’s money but the Congress acts as if it is its own money; unfairly disregarding the suffering that people are going through due to that monstrous virus.SophieCongressSpending

Only coz they are thinking that the mail-in ballots would serve their goal, but it will not. There will be a lot of chaos as usual and most probably they will put the blame on someone else. They are blind by bias and greed for power.

The majority of people can see now what the Congress is doing and they might react badly.

In the meantime, there is an acute shortage in Cal Fire planes and pilots, can they give this money to save people’s lives and properties?

They don’t Care!

Good Media, where are you?

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Until we talk again, take a deep look into your library, it’s full of all what you need to get a pure smart inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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