Cleanliness of Virus!

Your chance to stick to your family and watch for each other! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers: the US, Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, El Salvador, Portugal, Italy, & India! 😉

Spread higher standards of cleanliness. It’s not yet emphasized enough in your community. There’s still people do not understand well enough how to have precautions against diseases especially viruses. 

Ideas that you didn’t have a chance to write might be evaporated. Sometimes part of them come back to you, but other times, you’ll never lay an eye on them again.

Luis wanted to talk about maturity, and it’s a quite interesting topic that could have branches in all of your live’s facets.SeaBear Smokehouse


SophieCleanlinessStand together to fight that horrible monster before it spreads among your community and becomes a real disaster. No spitting no sneezing in the air while you’re with others in the same room or train or any other.

Wash your hands with hot water and wear gloves if your work necessitate that you’d touch people or money or papers taken from your clients/students etc..

Office hygiene is important. Don’t kiss your dog or cat pls. Animals can be very dangerous in transmitting that awful disease (CV).

“News that matter to you: the Bay area, the US, and the World” or “What you need to know” some radio news channels keep repeating those mottoes day and night but do they choose what’s important for you? This is a third suggested topic by Duyub.

Nojin wanted to talk about rich people and poor people. He thought that there wasn’t enough talk about the real thing.

But since it’s very important now to focus on inviting people to cleanliness in all activities of life, your mission now is to take care of that with our hugs and kissessophieChannelBook Cheap Flights for Valentine’s Day Travel on iCheapFlight. Save up to $40 with promo code VDAY40 Valid 1/6 until 2/1510% off USA E2 Car Rental DealsBerrylook

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