Fight Virus!

Promise that you’d live in peace when it’s gone! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers: the US, Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, El Salvador, Portugal, Italy, & India! 😉

The death toll is raising up from that dreadful CV (CoronaVirus), and it’s time to be aware of what it is you’re dealing with and how to protect yourself and your family.

You’d wish that the health authorities could contain it fast but nobody know so far what’s the best solution to end it up. For sure there must be some group of lab scientists who are working hard now to find a quick antivirus solution, but you didn’t hear about that yet. So until then, you need to be read for the worst wherever you are.

sophieChannelLittman JewelersShop Few ModaIt's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus SizeIGXO CosmeticsShop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!SeaBear Smokehouse50% Off Select Filtration SystemsIt’s lethal scary and sudden. You need to try to protect yourself and your family to the best of your knowledge.


Educate yourself about that epidemic and spread the word among your community to increase the degrees of cleanliness and stay away from shaking hands with people. Wash your hands well with hot water and wash anything that would go into your mouth quite well. Stay away from crowds or places where there is a lot of people all breathing the same air.Book Cheap Flights for Valentine’s Day Travel on iCheapFlight. Save up to $40 with promo code VDAY40 Valid 1/6 until 2/1510% off USA E2 Car Rental DealsBerrylook

Since scientists now say that CV could be transmitted via a number of ways and that they are not yet certain if it’s only the touch or the air coming out of the mouth of the infected person, it is better to be more cautious.

It’s known now that it could affect any age even babies.

Until we chat again, protect yourself and be aware of what’s going on. Pray that it’s not the end of the world with this ugly virus and keep safe with our hugs and kisses sophieChannelfile-20200125-81341-3uy985

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