The House!

Only one who never close a door in your face! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from the US, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Thailand, Italy, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia, Israel, Hungary, & South Africa! 😉

The movie was called “The House”. The viewers were a group of teachers friends. The place was the library. The discussion took place at a cafe near the library.The House

Here’s the main points that were elicited after the viewing of that movie:

– Addressing too many points in your life such as administrators’ corruption in city halls.

15% off New Zealand Car Rental Deals– Marriage can be destroyed by evil people

– Parents sacrifice for the sake of their kids

– Appreciating your parents

– If parents can’t keep their promises to their kids, they are the worst in the world.

– Financial institution could be nasty not like the ads they put everywhere

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Our objective was to get one laugh out of that movie and we did but not during watching the movie rather after the end, when there was some deleted scenes: the butcher part quite hilarious.

– Using bad language has become the norm but it’s untrue that all people use f word or others it’s just people with sudden wealth.

One scene when the friend showed his partners a number of wall safes full of money, there wasn’t enough surprise by them, knowing that it was all fake money. 😆50% Off Select Filtration Systems

The too much cussing and usage of “f” word make it inappropriate movie for kids if you don’t want your kids to parrot those low-base quality jargon.

Until we chat again, take some time for relaxation and enjoy your time with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel


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