Lady Nobody! Sorry!

Thank you for being here. To our friends from the US, Australia, Spain, n Guatemala, welcome back to our pages 😉

Our post today will be brief. It’s about an article that was published in Forbes magazine, and which we are sorry that we even have come across it.

The writer said:

But, instead of the woman being a head of state, a princess, or a celebrity, this story is about a nobody.  It’s the nobodies who fill the obituaries every day that we never pay attention to.

Image result for lady drawingPerry, one of my students, showed me the article, and he was unhappy about the way the early paragraphs started talking about that lady calling her “Nobody”.

How could they do that to that decent lady after her death, calling her nobody? How cruel that was on her family? Did her family agree on this article to be written in that way?

No matter what the justification was, it was not acceptable, to publicly called the deceased that she was nobody, not a princess nor bla bla bla. What was that?! 

That was all.

With our love, hugs, & kisses for everyone in our world, because you are somebody

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