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If Media could turn people against each other, it certainly could turn them to like each other as well.

Steve had his turn to talk, and boy he talked a lot: “Having that said, Media as you notice insists on giving the bad news for people, and the result is that many people turn away from news. My neighbors are among those who decided not to listen or watch the news any more. Strange decision but this is what they do to avoid stress and bad news.”

Paula shook her head in agreement: “yes, Media should consider spreading love and peace among people not hatred and violence. Nobody is a winner in a world like this. Media should help people solve their problems peacefully. Whites or blacks or yellows it doesn’t matter. All are equal nobody is better than anybody.”Trump's Golf Trips Could Cost Taxpayers Over $340 Million

Complaining and negativity only go so far. It generates stress and depression for people. The US wants its people to be happy prosperous free and loyal. Freedom doesn’t mean destruction or vandalism; freedom means responsibility n appreciation. Freedom means respect for others to be respected. When you appreciate others they should be appreciating to you.” Jacky said after a long silence.

If they didn’t it doesn’t mean that you need to be violent to them. But what will you do if you were attacked?” Steve asked and then waited for an answer.

Jacky moving her chair: “You can’t just act barbarian you need to complain to make your voice heard but not through violence. Peacefully you can get more than what you can imagine.”

Dawn stood up: “Destruction will only have negative consequences on your future and your family’s future as well. You can get to your goal using your mind not a gun. If you’re not smart you’ll give a chance to haters to use you, or to turn you against your people. And then you’ll live a life in hell. You’ll beat yourself up forever if you turned against people. Excuse me for a moment, I need to take this call.”

One year until the most important election in American history ...

Why don’t you be smart and let your logic defeat all attempts of destruction. Whoever wants destruction for your homes is evil. Whoever wants killing for your community is evil.

Paula: “By the end you are the one who will be hurt. You are the one who wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. The destruction will be for you not for anybody else. Fear your Creator and have good intentions. If you plant good deed it will come back to you.”

That was a completion for the dialogue we had few days ago and told you we would publish the rest the following day but priority was given to other topics for some reason.

Until we chat again, it is repeated that your system works why don’t you take a quick look to related topics with our hugs and kisses

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