Back to You!

Like a breeze when it touches your face! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers readers & al everywhere in your and ours great universe: the US,  Canada, Algeria, Norway, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Venezuela, Philippines, Poland,  Italy, Germany, & Singapore! 😉

SophieGiraffeSometimes the position of the sun in the sky would bring you the memory of a friend; a memory that can bring that smirky smile to your mind; a kind of relaxation with rejoice.

It’s quite amazing how certain fiends could have that effect on you; may be it was the look in their eyes or the quick blushing smile on their face.

It was something that made you feel good about yourself, hard to explain; but it was there and still living.

You  have it somehow buried deeply inside, somewhere in your senses, and only the sun in that specific position in the sky was able to bring it up all back to you!

Until we chat again, some of our posts will bring that exact feeling to your mind; check it out yourself without sharing but with our hugs and kisses

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