Fox Apology?

Smart minds never deceived by fake news! 😉 Thank you and welcome for coming back from everywhere: the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, India, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Lebanon,  Belgium, Cuba, Taiwan, Vietnam, Serbia, and Netherlands! 😉

Fox News apologized yesterday for the fraudulent photos/clips that were published about riots in Seattle and other area.

Here’s how good Media uncover bad ones. Who is next to apologize? Is it enough to say sorry after wrongfully published materials including altered photos and videos? Why didn’t we hear enough about that apology in the News, media gangs?

Take a break:

More efforts is needed in coming up with vaccine for DOVID19.

People came together when that plight starting killing them. Everyone thought it’s death for everyone. You started caring for each other.

SophieFoxApologyOnce the lock-down reversed, some started destruction and unrest. Do they need another catastrophe to come together again? The Creator is watching over peaceful minds!

Do good for yourself and others. Build your infrastructure and build the strongest base of scholars in Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Cyber-Security, etc.. This is the real thing. And you can master it. 

The media should stop spreading wrong news to turn people against each other. 

Our previous conversation will be posted next.

Until we talk again, enjoy what you can enjoy and turn off your radio, computer, or phone when it brought you bad news with our hugs and kisses

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