Craving Yours!

Wonderful people from the US, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Netherlands, and Chile! 😉 cheerful to have you back over and over again! 😉

You all have to admit it: your Creator put you in a body that works for you 24/7, who can deny that?

You always hear things like “Healthy Food”, “Nutritious Meals”, etc.. but the truth is that every food is good for your body.

You have that magnificent nature in your body, which you call it craving. May be the most famous one, is the one which pregnant women have. But craving can be happening to anyone of you.Qatar Airways

Craving is similar to a message your body send to you, telling you that it needs some salt or some sweets. Of course, if you had a health condition that prevents you from eating certain things, craving still could be real, but it is always better to be cautious and consult with your physician.

It is wise to protect your body; after all, you only have one 🙂

all food ingredients are good for your body, except the artificial ingredients, and this is applicable to any preservatives that are added to cans to protect the expiration date of the processes food.

In brief, any natural food is a 100% Godly guaranteed for the benefit of your body, but when there is some interference to alter or change its nature, this is when you need to be inquisitive.

Trust your craving and use what your Creator give you wisely without exaggeration. It will pay back to your health. You are the one who decides what healthy food is, for your own body. Nobody else knows your body better than you do.

Until we chat again, keep checking on our previous posts, you’d find it unlimitedly inspiring with our hugs and kisses ❤

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