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Being here with us, is a great pleasure! Welcome back dearest readers and friends from the US, India, Czech Republic, Kenya, Turkey, Austria, South Korea, Canada, and Mexico! 😉

Surprised that you have homeless in California? That was many years ago, but now, there is no surprise at all, right?

Unfortunately, homeless people number will keep increasing!

Do you know why?
{By the end of this page, two more important questions came to us}

1- The system keeps generating homeless population. Homelessness is a direct result of failure in keeping a home, or failure in keeping mental wellness, or failure in keeping sober, or failure in remaining under no influence.

2- The real estate regulations and laws are faultily designed to produce homelessness, when owners are Nunn Bushincapable of keeping up with their payments. They are paying the interest before they pay the principal. Therefore, at one point, the possibilities are higher that they wouldn’t be able to continue paying which leads to foreclosure.

3- The resources which are allocated for homelessness are not used in the proper way it should be used. Lottery programs and similar ones are failure. Lottery system should not be used in the first place for an essential need of living- a place to call it home.

4- The high expenditure of the gov exceeding the allowed cap all the time, left the people indigent. There is extravagance level of spending in all gov departments. Unlimited Luxury not only in salaries higher than the non-government population, but also in vacations, health coverage, 401K, and others. It keeps adding to the American Debt, which pushes the prices to go up for everything.Cashmere in Love

When people can’t afford to pay for food or housing, they become homeless.

5-The extravagant offices and buildings owned by the state or the fed should have been used by the people in need, or sold and its revenue goes to homeless housing. There are too many empty buildings owned by state departments or fed departments. State or Fed, these are properties of the People, but people are not allowed to use these areas for a million reasons.

Providing housing to poor people is a priority. Before giving money to any projects, you need to protect your population in homes. You need to let your people have dignity. When people have dignity and pride, they can do a LOT!

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Now, in the US and other countries, dogs are cared for to an extent that they would have a room of their own and they would go in vacation, etc. Shouldn’t you do that for humans as well?!

The latest news of homeless people is that they started to live in your libraries, or around the bushes of the libraries. It wouldn’t take them too long to start invading all the government buildings, and if it gets to that extent, it would turn to something huge!

Qatar AirwaysYou talked to us about homelessness before in many occasions, and we promised you that we would never stop talking about it until it is solved. From your observation, it’s increasing while it should be decreasing. And spending is on talking not on doing!Berrylook 5% off for Your First Order

Look around and try to find one single realistic serious solution for homelessness, you wouldn’t find one; it’s all words!!!

The two questions are: – What was the name of the yesterday Bart killed victim? Why did it happen? Was it a crime or suicide? Here’s your answer.

– Is this patriotic? Meaning, can you read the picture?SophiePatriotic

Until we talk again, feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your posts with everyone else, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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