1Zumba Secret Life

Thanks for everyone who loves us and reads what we post and between the lines, especially our new visitors and followers from everywhere including the US, Russia, Indonesia, the UK, European Union, UAE, Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco, & Finland  😉

Hello and welcome today to our new post  😉

Yesterday, I heard a very interesting story from our neighbor’s mother-in-law. She said that a nurse  from New York,  was able to run away to another State, after she was sentenced by court for a long period of time in prison . Her act or crime was one of the funniest actions that could ever be done by a normal person.

That nurse was able for more than four years to fool seven men, got married to each one of them, n convincing every husband that she would only have one day a week for him, due to her major responsibilities in the hospital. The story was quite new, at least for me!

Jennifer Lawrence –

She had seven different IDs, different hair colors, and hair styles. It was a long story, but kept me thinking how could that happened. How exhausting would that be!  And Why?!

Myself, today I am truly exhausted having a class of Grit, and a class of 1Zumba. But having seven secret lives, Oh dear God, this is incredible!

My happy 1Zumba friend, it was good talking to you, and meeting your family. I’m glad that you read every post we publish, and appreciate your comments and insights. Thank you.

But why was I surprise hearing about that secret life of lives? Do you think that there is no secret lives for people, especially those who have power and money? What do you think my 1Zumba friend, I know that you have the wisdom to answer this question, or you don’t care for 1Zumba Secret Lives? Not that simple. You are absolutely right  😉

Thanks for being with us today, and thanks for your emails and comments. Keep in touch, and until tomorrow, Good Bye  😉

7 thoughts on “1Zumba Secret Life

    1. 1- Punishment declared
      2- to move by argument or evidence to belief, agreement, consent, or a course of action: to convince a jury of his guilt; A test drive will convince …
      3- the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
      Thanks for asking Johnny 🙂


  1. I’ve heard in the news of men deceiving and having multiple wives but never the other way around. How exhausting? And why? The world is full of strange people.


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