1Zumba Kill

Thank you dear readers and visitors everywhere, I just love you all wherever you are  😉

jl1“Sometimes he wanted me to feel that I am a bad girl. But I am not. I should not let this impact my behavior or my mood, what do you think, Sophie?

Some people like to have all the attention all the time, and when someone else got some attention, they feel jealous, and they do not see themselves, and how absurd they react.”

This being said by our dear Zin M. Castle, so first I thank you for sending this question, and allowing us to post it in our site.

Second, my 1Zumba friend, I heard about narcissist people, and how they would die to Image result for zumba classesbe the center of attention while with a crowd, but I didn’t particularly has an experience with a person like that yet. So my advice would be for you, just enjoy yourself, and pay no attention for any of his hints. You are in a 1Zumba class to feel good, and to have fun, just remember that.

Forget about anything else.  You are smart, beautiful, agile, and I assure you that it will go away by itself. Just do not let anyone get to you. Have nice feelings  for yourself. You are a pretty human being, and when you are different, my friend, many would feel challenged. So be flattered instead of feeling bad for yourself.

When you are in CA,  we would love to have you come to our 1Zumba classes to share the fun and fitness with you  😉

In the meantime, these are the most recent viewpoints about jealousy and building trust with others:

I really hope that these wonderful articles will make you change the way you look into things, coz it’s not worth it  🙂

jl2Today, I  have told our v special 1Zumba instructor, Toby: “You are killing us!”  Coz he was so fun,  and made us all sweat like crazy,  I think I lost 2-3 pounds in that class, so am I right, it was a 1Zumba Kill  😉

We do love you all you know that, and my 1Zumba friend, I wanted to play with you, and to hug you a big hug, but you were not in the mood, for some reason. May be next time, if there was a chance, haha!

Sweet dreams all, and until we talk again, think of me, as you are always in my mind  😉

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