It Must Be The Opulence!

Thank you for visiting our pages today, especially our friends & readers from the US, Germany, India, Uganda, UAE, Spain, n Belgium šŸ˜‰ My 1Zumba friend, these are the pictures which inspired me to write this post: I like the blue color, the dress design, n the shoes that take some dress touch. The way … More It Must Be The Opulence!


…..with users, other people and objects in public space; as the skies fill with drones, they may even get their own superhigh…, up to who … … More Make-Up!


…….. that those who are “lucky” are just more self-aware than those who are not. They have access to information that the …. … More Luck

1Zumba Kill

Thank you dear readers and visitors everywhere, I just love you all wherever you areĀ  šŸ˜‰ “Sometimes he wanted me to feel that I am a bad girl. But I am not. I should notĀ let this impact my behavior or my mood, what do you think, Sophie? Some people like to have all the attention … More 1Zumba Kill